2022-2023 State Theme:  “Patriots of the Round Table”

Just as the legendary King Arthur’s Camelot depended on the support of the famous and not-so-famous knights of the Round Table, the success of the American Revolution depended on thousands of lesser-known Patriots who supported and served alongside famous generals like Washington, Lafayette, or Nelson.  Their support led to the Victory at Yorktown.  After Yorktown, the last major battle of the American Revolution, the British government was demoralized and no longer had sufficient public support to continue the war, and peace negotiations began between Great Britain and the United States.  Thus the Victory of Yorktown fulfilled the promise of the Declaration of Independence, and the new nation’s actual independence began.  This year, the Virginia C.A.R. will celebrate some of the lesser-known Patriots without whom the victory at Yorktown would not have been possible.  Each month, a new “Patriot of the Round Table” will be revealed and take his or her seat at the Virginia C.A.R. Round Table.  Local Societies are encouraged to use the information about the Patriot revealed each month at meetings that occur during that Patriot’s month.

2022-2023 State Project:  A partnership with the National Park Service’s Colonial National Historic Park to present a new introductory film on-line and at the Yorktown Battlefield Visitor Center and to support the Historic Weapons Demonstration Program at the Yorktown Battlefield.

The state project will raise funds to support the National Park Service’s educational programs at the Yorktown Battlefield.  We will raise $5000 toward the purchase the audio/visual equipment required to show a new introductory film at the Visitors Center, which will debut at the Visitors Center and on-line in 2023.  Additional funds raised will support the historic weapons demonstration program, which will resume after a hiatus of over two years, by making it possible for the Park Service to purchase the gunpowder, period-appropriate attire and other things needed by the volunteers.

Fundraising goal:  $15,000

To donate toward the State Project, please use the Project Patron Form.

The Children of the American Revolution participates in the patriotic exercises at the Yorktown Victory Monument every year on the anniversary of the surrender of the British Army under the command of the Earl Cornwallis to the combined American and French forces under the command of General George Washington (October 19).