2020-2021 State Theme:  “Make Waves Through History”

2020-2021 State Project:  The Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways Museum

The Virginia C.A.R. will raise funds for the Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways Historical Foundation for four reproductions of historic flags to be displayed in display cases at its museum.  Each of the below four flags were present on December 9, 1775 at the Battle of Great Bridge, in which members of the Virginia militia  repulsed a British attack.  The failure of the British attack at Great Bridge led directly to the British abandoning Norfolk and the departure of the last royal governor from the Commonwealth.

The Project’s Four Flags are:

-Kings Colours

-14th Regiment of Foot Colours

-2nd Virginia Regiment Flag

-Culpeper Minuteman Flag

Fundraising goal:  $10,000