Welcome to the Round Table . . . Kate Moore Berry!

This month (January 2023), we commemorate the 242nd anniversary of the Battle of Cowpens in South Carolina – a Patriot victory that historians consider to be a significant turning point in the American Revolution.  As we continue to recognize some of the lesser-known patriots without whom the Victory at Yorktown would not have been possible, it is fitting that the January Patriot of the Roundtable was known as the “Heroine of Cowpens.”

Berry helped the Patriot cause in a variety of ways throughout the war, but her single greatest contribution came in the days leading to the Battle of Cowpens, when she provided intelligence to the Patriots in the area and warned neighbors of British troop movements. The Americans defeated the British at Cowpens, killing 110, wounding 200 and capturing 500 British soldiers.  The Continental Army casualties were only 12 dead and 60 wounded, although the total number of casualties may have been closer to 128, including militia.

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