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2024 State Conference Registration is Open!

Registration information and details are under Announcements and Forms in the Members’ login area! Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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V.S.C.A.R. 2023-2024: France: America’s First Wingman

Welcome to the beginning of a new C.A.R. year!  This past weekend, National President Victoria Smith of Texas and Virginia State President Nora Stufft were installed along with the other national, state, senior national and senior state officers in a grove near the tomb of George Washington at Mount Vernon. To learn about the new […] Read More

2022-2023: Patriots of the Round Table

Congratulations on a great year, Will! This post contains all of the Patriots of the Round Table. A great learning experience for members and seniors! April 19, 2023 State President Will Elston announces the twelfth Patriot of the Round Table:  John Parker. April 14, 2023 State President Will Elston announces the eleventh Patriot of the […] Read More

2021-2022: Good Vibes in History

Congratulation to President Sara Cox, who was installed in April 2021 as our new State President! Our new state project is to try to raise $10,000 to fund the bricks for the recreated home at the James Monroe Birthplace site in Colonial Beach, VA. We are fully behind this wonderful project! Sara would love to […] Read More

2014-2015: History: The Final Frontier

Ferry Farm is situated on the north bank of the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Augustine Washington, George‚Äôs father, bought the property in 1738. Augustine, his wife Mary Ball Washington, and their five children moved to the property later that year. Augustine Washington died in 1742 when George was 11, leaving Mary to take care […] Read More