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Patriot of the Round Table #4: Anna Maria Lane

She served in the Continental Army dressed as a man, and she was wounded at the Battle of Germantown.

State Workshop Registration Form

All members — and members and seniors of all ages — are invited to this annual event. Dress is CASUAL, as members will participate in skits and other activities designed to introduce the national and state projects and programs in the morning at the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. Following lunch, we plan to go […] Read More

Patriot of the Round Table #3: Peter Francisco

Peter Francisco was a Portuguese-born American Patriot and soldier who fought for the 10th Virginia Regiment in several important battles during the Revolutionary War. 

Patriot of the Round Table #2: Jack Jouett

A quick-thinking 26-year-old, Jack Jouett saved Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Thomas Nelson Jr., and other members of the Virginia General Assembly in a single night. In 1781, Jouett was a captain in the 16th Regiment of the Virginia Militia.  Late on the evening of June 3, 1781, Jouett was asleep on the lawn in front […] Read More

Pre-Order your 2022-23 T-Shirt

The pre-order form of the 2022-23 Virginia C.A.R. T-Shirt is now available. Order by June 20 for delivery by or at the State Worksghop. Link to the Word version of the form HERE.

Patriot of the Round Table #1: Polly Cooper

Polly Cooper was an Oneida woman from the New York Colony who took part in an expedition in 1778 to aid the Continental Army during the American Revolution. The Oneida Indian Nation supported the American cause throughout the war and had a great relationship with George Washington and his army. In 1777-78 Washington’s exhausted troops […] Read More

2022-23 State Chairman Form

Looking for an adventure? Want to be part of an epic quest? Join State President William Elston as he searches through history to find 12 lesser-known patriots to take their seats at the Virginia C.A.R. Round Table. If you would like to serve as a state chairman, please complete and return the State Chairman Form. […] Read More

2022-23 Project Patron Form

The Virginia Society of the Children of the American Revolution invites you to become a V.S.C.A.R. Project Patron by supporting the Virginia State Project at the Yorktown Battlefield in Colonial National Historic Park.  Just as the legendary King Arthur’s Camelot depended on the support of the famous and not-so-famous knights of the Round Table, the […] Read More