2023-2024 V.S.C.A.R. Honor Roll

The Virginia Society C.A.R. Honor Roll is now available! Please review the documentation requirements and SAVE the document below before filling it out! Use the Sample Master Activity List file below to keep track of your activities throughout the year. Please direct questions to Mr. Darrin Schmidt!

Forms & Resources

The 2023-24 Contest Packet, Directory and the Forms & Resources are also ready! Nora and Ms. Anne-Cabrie hope that members will have fun exploring the National and State Projects through the fun and imaginative contests our State Officers and State Chairmen have created!  As we continue to celebrate the Patriots of the Round Table, use the linked […] Read More

State Chairman Interest Form

Please download, complete, and submit this form to provide your interest in being a V.S.C.A.R. State Chairman for 2023-2024! https://www.vscar.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/State-Chairman-form-23-24.docx

Support V.S.C.A.R.

Virginia C.A.R. Donation Pins (Form coming soon) V.S.C.A.R. Patriots (Operating Fund Support) (Form coming soon) State Project Patrons (Click for Forrm) V.S.C.A.R. State Merchandise Form 2023-2024 (Click for Form) State Conference Patrons (Form coming soon)

V.S.C.A.R. 2023-2024: France: America’s First Wingman

Welcome to the beginning of a new C.A.R. year!  This past weekend, National President Victoria Smith of Texas and Virginia State President Nora Stufft were installed along with the other national, state, senior national and senior state officers in a grove near the tomb of George Washington at Mount Vernon. To learn about the new […] Read More

2022-2023: Patriots of the Round Table

Congratulations on a great year, Will! This post contains all of the Patriots of the Round Table. A great learning experience for members and seniors! April 19, 2023 State President Will Elston announces the twelfth Patriot of the Round Table:  John Parker. April 14, 2023 State President Will Elston announces the eleventh Patriot of the […] Read More

V.S.C.A.R. Prayer Book for Chaplains

This small booklet is offered for use by society chaplains at local meetings and future State Chaplains for State Conference. Thank you to State Chaplain Anna Cox and Senior State Chaplain Larry McKinley for their efforts to compile these varied and useful prayers. Please share with your local society.

2023 State Conference Information

William Elston, State President, and Ms. Anne-CabriĆ© Forsythe, Senior State President, cordially invite you to attend the 96th State Conference of the Virginia Society Children of the American Revolution, February 24-26, 2023, at the Westin Richmond, 6631 W Broad St, Richmond, Virginia. For all the information you need, click on the information package, registration form and hotel reservation links below. State Conference Information Package Registration Form Book […] Read More

2022-2023 State Treasurer’s Forms

Please direct questions on these forms to Senior State Treasurer, Mrs. Rebecca Slaughter. 2022-2023 Treasurer Master Report 2022-2023 Individual Donation Form