The Virginia Society of the Children of the American Revolution invites you to become a V.S.C.A.R. Project Patron by supporting the Virginia State Project at the Yorktown Battlefield in Colonial National Historic Park.  Just as the legendary King Arthur’s Camelot depended on the support of the famous and not-so-famous knights of the Round Table, the success of the American Revolution depended on thousands of lesser-known Patriots who supported or fought alongside Generals Washington, Lafayette, and Nelson.  This year, the Virginia C.A.R. will celebrate the lesser-known Patriots without whom the victory at Yorktown would not have been possible.

The state project will raise funds to support the National Park Service’s educational programs at the Yorktown Battlefield.  The first $5000 raised will help purchase the audio/visual equipment required to show a new introductory film at the battlefield Visitors Center.  Additional funds raised will support the historic weapons demonstration program, which will resume after a hiatus of over two years, by making it possible for the Park Service to purchase the gunpowder, period-appropriate attire and other things needed by the volunteers. 

To make a donation, please use this form: