2016-2017 State Theme:  “Sailing Through History as Pirates of the Potomac”

2016-2017 State Project

The oldest house in Prince William County, Virginia, built around 1747 by Richard Blackburn. This plantation house is located along a remnant of the original Kings Highway, now known as the “Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route.

During the last 16 years, Prince William County has worked to restore the house and maintain the surrounding 40 acres of property. The county plans to restore the grounds and gardens to a former period. This restoration began in 2010 with the reconstruction of the rose arbor, which leads to the family cemetery, containing the graves of Richard and Thomas Blackburn. While there has been extensive work done on the house and some work done in the gardens, not much work has been done in the family cemetery.

My primary project is to begin this work by updating and repairing the cemetery site of Col. Richard Blackburn and his wife. In discussions with the Site Manager at Rippon Lodge, we agreed on the following:

•    having the brick work repaired, or replaced as necessary with reclaimed brick;
•    cleaning and repainting of the chain

The bricks would be repaired, following historical practices and any new bricks required would be reclaimed bricks, sourced from local building that have been taken down.

My secondary project is the installation of the walkway around the gravesite. This would involve the placement of paver stones over sand stone dust. Within the brick walled area, the ground would be cleaned up, weed blocker would be laid and Chesapeake River Rock would be placed (this river rock is prominently found in this area and won’t do any harm to the environment).

•    installing a walkway around the grave site: 2 feet on the sides and back and 4 feet in the front
•    cleaning up ground within grave site and placement of decorative stones

Primary Project Estimated cost: $4,800
Secondary Project Estimated cost: $4,000 – $5,000
Total Cost: $8,800 – $9,800