Mid-Southern Regional 2013

Mid-Southern Regional July 19-20, 2013.  More information available at www.nscar.org.

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National Convention

National Convention will be held April 19-21.  For more information please visit the National website at www.nscar.org. Forms are available on the private side of the National website.

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State Project 2013-2014

The 2013-2014 State Project is to raise money for the Restoration of the Fencing and broken gates leading into the Kitchen Yard at Gunston Hall in Lorton, VA.

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National Project 2012-2013

This year our National Project is to raise funds for the Sword Surrender Site at Saratoga National Park. The site of Burgoyne’s surrender will include a bas-relief sculpture, a memorial, walk-ways, and interpretive signage based on John Trumbull’s famous painting, The Surrender of General Burgoyne.

While we are raising funds for the Sword Surrender Site, the goal for the year will be for every member and senior to recognize the importance of the Battle of Saratoga and why it is The Turning Point in our fortunes as a nation. Our National society is based on education and patriotism. We need to teach our members the importance of these events, in order that they may comprehend the struggles and sacrifices of our forefathers to become a free and independent people. Let us always remember our past and demonstrate our love of country to future generations. It is through this love of country and the education of our members that all will come to understand the significance of this year’s National Project and Theme – Saratoga: The Turning Point.

reference www.nscar.org

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